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Hospĕs, his third short, has been admitted to David di Donatello (preselection) and four international festivals (Carmarthen Bay Film Festival, Delhi Shorts International Film Festival, Madeira Film Festival and Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival).

Mēkhanē, his second short, has won an award (Best Actress, Lia Tomatis - Colorado International Film Festival) and it has been admitted to four international festivals (Colorado International Film Festival, Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival, Portobello Film Festival and The Aunt Jane Project Film Festival) and a national one.

Déjà Vu, his first short, has been admitted to three international festivals (NYC Filmmaker's Festival, Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival and Pentedattilo Film Festival) three national ones and has been screened on Coming Soon Television among a few movie theatres in Italy.

Carlo Perassi funds his bad habit of making short films with his job of engineer.

Déjà Vu and Mēkhanē, his two previous shorts, have been admitted to eleven festivals with an award won.

Hospĕs, his third short, is going to be submitted to festivals (five admissions, at the moment).

He shot a divertissement (Option) up in Berlin.

He shot the music videos Canzone del viaggio and Saturno.

He has taken part in a screenwriting and directing workshop held by Wilma Labate and Guido Chiesa.

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